Why Is Cartoon Network Amazone’s Water So Incredibly Clean?

Girls having fun at a water park

Filtration systems may not sound like the most exciting topic in the world, but when you find out about the super cool technology behind our water park’s filtration system, you may change your mind! Nobody wants to get sick from dirty water, and to keep you safe we’ve boldly gone where no water park in Pattaya has gone before. 

Meet Our Neptune-Benson Defender® Water Filtration System!

If you’ve been to a water park before, chances are that the water you splashed in was filtered using a traditional filtration system. Without getting too technical, older traditional systems use sand to filter impurities. These impurities include bacteria, viruses, and unwanted particles you don’t want in your water. These traditional filters work, but they’re not perfect. They’re big, inefficient, and waste a lot of energy and water. Worst of all, they still let a fair amount of impurities through!

Enter the Neptune-Benson water filtration system. It’s quite honestly the most advanced water filtration system in the world, using specialized coated tubes instead of a giant tank full of sand. Cartoon Network Amazone is the only water park in Pattaya that decided to say goodbye to traditional filters and invest in the Neptune-Benson Defender® filtration system. In fact, we’re the only water park in all of Asia that uses this amazing technology.

A Cleaner, Healthier Water Park

Traditional filters are good at getting impurities out, but due to their design they still let a few through. The Neptune Benson filtration system filters impurities 20 times better than traditional filters (filtering to 1 micron as opposed to 20 microns). This means there’s less risk of getting sick due to unclean and unsafe water at Cartoon Network water park.

Healthier For The Planet Too

It’s good that our filtration system results in cleaner water for you, but it’s even better that it helps the planet too. Neptune-Benson filters use 90% less water, and require 30% less pool chemicals than traditional filters. In addition, our cutting-edge filtration system reduces power consumption by 50%. This helps us reduce our impact on the planet every day we’re open. The Neptune-Benson filtration system isn’t as flashy as the Powerpuff Girls, but it’s a superhero all the same.

If you’re planning on going to a water park, it’s a good idea to research the way they keep their water clean and safe. But if you’re visiting a water park in Pattaya, grab your sunscreen and come to Cartoon Network Amazone: we’ve already done the research for you!