No Bullying Policy

No Bullying Policy

Cartoon Network Amazone is committed to promoting a safe and fun environment for all our customers. We do not tolerate or condone bullying of any form and we will take every possible measure to prevent such behaviour.

Should our staff become aware of any bullying behavior towards any of our customers or staff, our Park Management reserves the right to eject the offending customer(s) from the Water Park without refund or, in the case of annual pass members, to suspend membership appropriately.


  • Is a repeated and purposeful behavior which causes fear,distress and/or harm to another person;
  • May be physical, verbal or indirect
  • Is conducted by a more powerful individual or group against an individual or group unable to effectively resist.


Standing by and watching someone being bullied helps the bully hurt another person. It is everyone’s responsibility to stop bullying.

Types of Bullying

Physical Direct
Hitting, Slapping, punching
Pushing, strangling
Spitting, biting
Pinching, scratching
Throwing things eg stones
“Dacking” or “Wedging
Getting another person to harm someone

Mean and hurtful name calling

Hurtful teasing

Demanding money or others belongings

Spreading nasty rumours or backstabbing

Trying to get other customers to not like someone


Forcing someone to commit offences such as stealing

Deliberate exclusion from a group activity

Sending nasty text messages or e-mails

Threatening or obscene gestures

Staring to make others feel uncomfortable

Staring to make others feel uncomfortable

Hurtful body language

Trying to get other customers to ignore or be nasty to someone

Pretending to be someone’s friend to get something from them

Removing and/or damaging others’ belongings

What can you do?

If bullying happens you can choose to:

  • tell the customer who is bullying you to STOP / state very clearly that the behaviour is unwelcome and offensive, or
  • ignore them and walk away, or
  • seek help and talk to someone you trust, or
  • write a description of the event and give it to a staff member
  • report it to a member of staff or friend, and talk it over with your parents-they can help you make a decision about what to do

Do NOT retaliate with physical violence or verbal abuse.

If the bullying happens to and from water park , tell your parents and walk home with a friend.

If you see bullying happen to someone else you can choose to:

  • tell the person to stop bullying, or
  • be a friend to the person being bullied, or
  • encourage the person being bullied to tell someone, or
  • seek help, or
  • write a description of the event and give it to a staff member

You can decide to do something about it and help to protect others.

The teacher or Principal/Senior Leader will:

  1. listen and offer support,
  2. give the person who is being bullied the option to have a meeting without the bully attending
  3. record what happened

At a meeting with everyone involved the teacher or Principal/Senior Leader will:

  1. Explain the rules of the problem solving process:
    • We’re here to solve a problem.
    • No blaming.
    • No excuses.
    • No interrupting.
    • Everything is confidential.
  2. Make sure each person:
    • has a turn to tell what happened,
    • tells the facts,
    • listens to others while they tell their story,
    • repeats what has been said and
    • tells how they felt.
  3. Help to resolve the conflict:
    • Each person states what they need if the problem is to be solved
    • Both sides work out strategies and reach agreement.
    • The incident and the agreed actions are recorded and reported to the Principal/Senior Leader
  4. About a week later or sooner if necessary, the teacher or Principal /Senior Leader checks with all concerned how things are going and helps to work out new strategies if necessary.

What happens if the bullying continues?

  1. Parents of the customer(s) continuing with the bullying are contacted and meetings are arranged with the Principal/ Senior Leader to develop a solution to the problem.
  2. A consequence is given and this may include:
    • Time out at recess and lunch
    • loss of privileges
    • However, if the bullying continues and deemed severe, parents and the Principal / Senior Leader will discuss consequences, including take home and suspension.

Hitting, kicking, fighting and any other violent behaviour are breaches of our Behaviour Management code and will involve immediate consequences. member:

Remember: At our water park every person has the right to be and feel safe. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that this happens.