Bring the entire family to live it up on a splashtastic holiday at Aquaverse's biggest water park attraction, Tikiland. With 150 slide features, splash buckets, water rockets and more, it's one giant adventure!

Step through the portal and scream through hair-raising drops and wild curves as you traverse down three darkened tunnels. Grab a friend and prepare to face this extreme ride at Aquaverse!

One of the tallest and steepest water park rides in all of Asia, The Neuralyzer X sends you down an 18-meter chute so fast, you won’t even have time to think!

Grab four friends and prepare for high drops, dizzying turns and sneaky loops as you glide down this watery group slide and enter the fully-enclosed dome of The Orb!

Get ready for the most-talked-about slide at the amazing Aquaverse! The Wormhole sends you careening down a 12-meter free-fall into a complete 360-degree loop.

Experience the thrill of The Venom as you slide vertically upwards, defying the rules of physics, time and space on this massive, mega-thrilling water slide. Grab a friend and get going!

See who’s the fastest amongst your friends and family. Dive headfirst and race through the ride of your life because a vacation isn't complete without a turn on the Storm Chasers racing slides.

This wild water slide ride packs a punch of excitement as you continue to spin round and round the bowl before finally plunging into The Roundhouse's gigantic splash pool below!

You never know what to expect from a storm and the same is true for The Cyclone with its sudden falls and sharp turns. Before you know it, you’ll be drenched from the splash drop ending!

Barrel down the slide picking up speed before skidding back up high into the sky to the top of Mount Z. What first goes down must then come up in this wild water attraction!

Take a break from the day's thrills by touring the theme park along our lazy river. At Swallow Falls, you can leisurely float for more than 335 meters with countless surprises around every bend.