Bring the family and enjoy a splashtastic holiday with our biggest water park attraction. Join the Powerpuff girls, Princess Rainicorn and the rest of the gang at the Cartoonival Zone!

Scream through hair-raising drops and splash along wild curves as you traverse down three darkened alien space shuttles! Grab a friend and prepare to face the extreme Alien Attack at the water park!

One of the tallest and steepest water park rides in Asia, the XLR8-TOR sends you down an 18m drop so fast, you won’t even have time to scream!

Hold on tight as you and three friends take on one of the biggest rides in Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park! Prepare for high drops, dizzying turns and sneaky loops as you take on The Omnitrix!

Get ready for the most-talked-about ride in Cartoon Network Amazone water park! The Goop Loop will send you down a 12 metre free fall into a full on 360 loop!

A toontastic family holiday requires a go on the mighty Ultimate Humungousaur! Experience the thrill as you slide vertically upwards, defying the rules of physics, time & space on the Humungaslide!

See who’s the fastest amongst your friends and family. Dive head first and race through the ride of your life because a vacation ain’t complete without a dive on the Intergalactic Racers.

You’ll go bananas for this part of the water park. Hold on tight as you spin round and round and finally plunge into a gigantic splash pool on the Banana Spin!

Lady Rainicorn is also out of her throne and taking a break at the water park. She’ll definitely surprise you with sudden drops and sharp turns. Before you know it, you’ll be drenched from the splash drop ending!

Jake took up some space in the water park to stretch his body out so that you can be blasted at high speed upwards on his stretched out body, and you know what they say, what goes up must come down!

Wanna relax as you take a tour of our water park? Our signature lazy river winds for over 335 metres with countless surprises around every bend. What’s around the corner? Who knows, maybe even an Amazonian forest!